© 2016 by Paul Pacey




PRAGUE IMPRESSIONS represents a seismic turning point in my career as a photographer. Aesthetically, technically, even philosophically, it represents my liberation from every pre-conceived notion I had ever held about photography -  from the photographers I once studied, to the so-called rules of engagement.  


Its departure from photographic tradition abandons the polished for the raw, and favors sentiment over debate, pursuing that which simply feels good before it needs to be figured out.

Stumble Home
Electric Ice Breaker
Golden Castle
Riverside Theater
Tram No. 9
Lonely Teen
The Sign
Golden Crosswalk
Running Boy No 2
Theater in Color
Chariot Cabaret
La Fantasma del Cuervo
The Ghost of Christmas Present
That Beautiful 22
Hope in Hand
Havel's Candles
Life of an Artist
Death of an Artist
Studio Window
The Last Swan
Upon the Silver Fantastic
Prague TIme
Boaters Silhouettes
Speed Boat
Girl, Crossing
Gateway Fantasy
Mighty St. Vitus
Old Town Square
Maternal Reflections
Miracle Bridge
Cart Driver
Winter Castle
Go Boy
Winter Hus
Charles Bridge
Mystery Shopper
Old Town Couple
City of Spires
National Theater Guardians
Redhead with White Umbrella
Shape Shifters
Old Ladies