I've been advised on more than a few occasions by those more PR-minded than me, that I shouldn't be so open in my blog, that expressing moments of doubt or weakness only serves to undermine some projection of success. Ultimately, however, this blog, like this site, and like my art isn't made to be approved of, or measured against some manicured notion of happiness. 

Yes, in my quest for something more, sometimes I doubt, sometimes I fall. Hell, if you don't fail at least sometimes, you're probably not trying hard enough. But I'll be damned if I don't pick myself up again. Hopefully, my admissions might inspire others to simply acknowledge the fact that life isn't all sunsets and sushi. We all fall. We all doubt. We must all work for our own happiness. It is the darkness, after all, that makes the light feel so good.

For better or worse, this is my story.

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Published November 2016