In photography’s nearly 200 year history, it would seem it’s all been done, making it increasingly difficult to find something truly original. Yet ask any curator how many Photographic Impressionists  THEY’VE heard of?

Signs of humble beginnings are certainly out there, but there’s no one identified at the top of the genre because from a historical perspective, a movement simply has hasn’t happened yet.

Not only do I want to change that, but when it does happen, I can only hope that, looking back, my name is among those who will have lead the pack.




Most people don’t realise that Impressionism as we know it was created in large part in reaction to photography.

When the camera was originally introduced, the classical school of art that was gospel at the time, tried to invalidate and belittle this new "technology", largely because the art was "too easy" to capture the level of detail painters had spent a lifetime trying to achieve.

But instead of fearing photography, the founding Impressionists not only embraced it's increasingly candid nature, it simultaneously rebelled against the classical school by taking their art form in directions photography was simply incapable of competing with, and painters were to proud to consider - playing more with their perceptions of nature and color, rather than creating exact reflections of the world they saw around them.

To this day, I believe photography too often falls into the trap of stopping what the eye sees as opposed to what it does not. From a historical perspective, I simply do not understand why more photographers have not stood up to challenge this divide.


Call me biased, but I believe most of what's considered contemporary art has become too clever for its own good, perhaps already beyond a point where one could become contemporary by parodying it.

At the end of the day, smart and loud have their place, but would you invite them to dinner without beauty or charm?

It's quite likely that I will return to more message-driven collections in the future, but I feel that in matters of life and art, unless you simply feel something first, you miss the most important point.

With all the noise around us, this work is definitely comes more from the sentiment than the intellect. I think Prague will just do that to you.

I don't say it enough, but thanks to all the people along the way who have shown their support, offered their guidance, and shared their inspiration. The list may be too long to include here, but I hope all of you know who you are. From the bottom of my heART, I remain grateful and indebted.