Lost Impression_11
Lost Impression_22
Lost Impression_12
Lost Impression_15
Lost Impression_21
Lost Impression_5
Lost Impression_26
Lost Impression_28
Lost Impression_18
Lost Impression_19
Lost Impression_20
Lost Impression_17
Lost Impression_16
Lost Impression_25
Lost Impression_14
Lost Impression_13
Lost Impression_24
Lost Impression_7
Lost Impression_10
Lost Impression_9
Lost Impression_1
Lost Impression_8
Lost Impression_6
Lost Impression_23
Lost Impression_3
Lost Impression_2
Lost Impression_27
Lost Impression_4



Autumn 2008. I wake up one morning, and it's all gone.


One moment I feel on the verge of a genre-defining photographic shift – feverishly leading the charge in a style that has yet to even be defined; questioning everything that I had ever learned about photography, and pursuing that which the eye could not see. Passionate. Inspired. Liberated.


The next moment, I had nothing. A Verbetim hard drive failure not only wiped away a good two years' work, it had so deeply broken me emotionally that it would be almost a full year before I could return to “Impressions” with any sense of renewed enthusiasm.


The 28 images here, and a small handful like them, are the only remnants of that time. Painstakingly scraped together from various email attachments, cached previews and assorted thumbnails, all but one of them are only 800 pixels wide and can never be faithfully printed larger than the images you see here.


They may not serve much commercial purpose, but seeing them together like this feels like a personal act of defiance and triumph for what I have had to rebuild since that day when all felt lost. They remain as a tribute to what may very well be the most important period in my photographic awakening.