"I have pursued, with great passion, many paths as a photographer, but always found myself living in the shadows of those before me. It is only in approaching photography the way I approach life, that I have found a voice that feels truly my own."

I'd say I shoot life the way I'll remember it. 
Sorry, which genre?

In photography’s nearly 200 year history, it would seem it’s all been done, making it increasingly difficult to find something truly original. Yet ask any curator how many Photographic Impressionists  THEY’VE heard of?

Signs of humble beginnings are certainly out there, but there’s no one identified at the top of the genre because from a historical perspective, a movement simply has hasn’t happened yet.

"Not only do I want to change that, but when it does happen, I can only hope that, looking back, my name is among those who will have lead the pack."

No message is the message.

Narrative definitely has it's place in art, but in this era of information overload, I feel much closer to art forms that empty my head instead of fill it.

I realize the lack of any profound message in my work may exclude me from the larger landscape of contemporary art. And although I know very little of their world, I challenge that perhaps it has become a little too clever for its own good.

At the end of the day, smart and loud have their place, but would you invite them to dinner without beauty or charm?

It's quite likely that I will return to more message-driven collections in the future, but I feel that in matters of life and art, unless you simply feel something first, you miss the most important point.